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What is it like to own a winery or brewery?

The Definition of a Winery:  noun, plural win·er·ies.

1.    an establishment for making wine.


The Definition of a Brewery: noun, plural brew·er·ies.

1.    a building or establishment for brewing beer.


What is it like to own a winery or brewery? This is a question we hear quite often.

There are big joys and challenges. Being a winery/brewery owner is about working on something you are passionate about, and being able to put all your efforts behind it to see it become successful. But passion alone is not enough to run a successful business, you must have knowledge, skill and commitment.

Here are a few key points I have learned:

·         Great wine-making starts with a passion for wine. Our


winemaker takes pride in using a traditional, hands-on approach that results in our outstanding wines that can be enjoyed by everyone!

·         You must make your winery/brewery identity stand out amongst your peers, but collaborate and be supportive of the other community businesses. It is an amazing industry world in which to live and work.

·         You have to have thick skin. There is always “that person” to walk into your tasting room and he will hate your wine/beer, and there’s not a damned thing you can do to change that. Any time someone mentions your winery/brewery in his presence, he is going to ramble on about his dislikes and you’re gonna have to put up with it.  Our policy is to not engage unnecessarily, especially on social media.

·         Find staff members who have a passion for what you're doing


and try to treat them better than any other winery/brewery in the area.

·         You have to have fun. Seriously. You just haaaave to—I mean, we’re in the beverage business! The stress will get to you—really quickly. Day in and day out, you’ll be worried about your staff, your bills, your vendors, your production schedule, each & every batch in your fermenters, and a thousand and one other things. So, try to make time to meet your customers. Hang out in your own tasting room and have a tipple with your customers when you can, and spend some time away from your accounting software to plan fun events around your wine. Your customers will appreciate it and your brand will benefit from it.

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