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In the Vineyard

June 5, 2017


Peaceful - a word I use frequently while working in the vineyard. It's beauty and tranquility are soothing to the soul. The quietness of being alone with the vines and only a bird chirping every now and then brings a calmness to the mind and body. With a glimpse of the first buds, your heart will leap with excitement. The long, cold winter is over - now it's time to be in the vineyard! But, don't get me wrong - the vineyard is a lot of hard work! You get dirty. You get sticky. You get sore. You get tired. The sun beats down on you. It is truly hard work!


Just when you tell everyone how great your vineyard looks - the very next day the vines are invaded by Japanese Beetles - Yikes!

I try to keep a minimum spray schedule in the vineyard, but when these pests attack, you must spray, spray, spray.  They can wipe out the leaves in a matter of hours. 

 Once the invasion has been stopped, it's back to the beauty of the vines and grapes.  Oh how I love the feeling of a beautiful crop.  And the anticipation of a great WINE!



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